Friday, October 4, 2013

The Game's Afoot

Well my word, it seems we have much to discuss.  The album, which I suppose we have worked so hard to bring to you (although honestly, it didn't feel like real work, not like hauling a sledge to the South Pole or anything) yes, the album is nearly ready to be sent out into the world, so the first thing our friends at Banished From The Universe records would like me to tell you is that you can preorder that album today from the iTunes store.  So do that, by all means, and listen to the teasing one minute and 29 seconds of each song you're allowed to hear until it is actually 'released' on the 11th of October.  That is thing one.

The band, apparently waiting for something or other. The dog is Lily; she likes to be involoved.

Thing two is that there is a free download you can have!  For free!  See, our song 'It's All In The Game, Play On!' is swaggering around on the bnet stations in New Zealand at the moment and we're giving it away from our bandcamp site, for free, for no good economic reason other than that we want to and we're grown-ups so we can do what we like, within the bounds of reason and the law. You can too - so go and download it if you want. Or not! It's up to you and I am sincerely sorry to burden you with decision-making on a Friday.

Here is a video on the youtube, which features that song and the illustrations that Emily Cater did to accompany the song.  When we perform our show, which we do pretty much all the time (I think we will have performed it around one hundred times by the end of 2013, no joke) these illustrations are projected behind us as we play and it's very atmospheric; I tell a story about poor old Reverend Arnold Spencer-Smith who died on the Great Ice Barrier laying depots for Shackleton who rudely lost his ship on the far side of the continent and never even saw them, grown men cry, everybody wins.  That is thing 2a.

Thing three is another video, (not embeddable I'm afraid) this time of us appearing on state television here in the Dominion of New Zealand performing the song 'Water Sky,' which is about the crew of the Endurance camping for five months on the pack ice of the Weddell Sea, waiting for the current to carry them north so they could launch their boats and sail home - watching for the 'water sky' that appears over the open ocean. In such times a young man's thoughts turn to love, and I have it on good authority that this song, despite its icy provenance, has been the proximate cause of at least one case of romantic attachment in its short life. I wish I could tell you more, but it is not my place to do so.  Buy me a drink sometime and I will furnish the details.

Thing four is the tour and so on, which you already know about, and which is growing like a weed - as well as all these public shows around the place, we're now doing a bunch of 'community' shows along the way at primary schools and - get this - retirement villages, because why do one show a day when you could do two shows a day? Plus it turns out that these shows are heaps of fun, and what's the matter, don't you like fun? I know I do; especially when 'fun' means waking at desk job o'clock, driving several hundred kilometers blasting Steeleye Span at an inconsiderate volume, loading the gear into a school, setting up, playing a show, packing down, driving some more playing Led Zeppelin at a frankly antisocial volume, loading all the gear into a theatre, setting up, playing a show, packing down, socialising heavily, sleeping briefly then repeating, and repeating some more. Fun! Why are we like this, I wonder?

Anyway, here are the dates, in case you forgot.  I encourage you to buy tickets ahead of time because things have been selling out a bit lately and we wouldn't want anybody to miss out on their dose of Antarctic tragedy.

The Explorers Club: Antarctica Album Launch Tour

Thurs Oct 17: NELSON: Nelson Arts Festival - The Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant Mapua Show at 8 pm

Fri Oct 18: TAKAKA: Nelson Arts Festival - The Mussell Inn, with Bat Country, show at 8:30 pm
Tickets from Mussel Inn, 03 525 9241 or

Sat Oct 19: HOKITIKA: Hokitika Museum, 7pm
Tickets from Hokitika Museum 03 755 6898

Sun Oct 20: OKARITO -Donovans Store, with Bat Country, 7:30pm
Tickets at the door

Mon Oct 21: WANAKA: Cinema Paradiso with Bat Country, 8:30pm
Tickets 03 443 1505,

Tues Oct 22: MILFORD SOUND Throwdown in the Sound at Blue Duck Cafe And Bar,  with Bat Country
Free if you're in Milford Sound

Thurs Oct 24: OAMARU: The Oamaru Opera Housewith THE EASTERN and Barry Saunders

Fri Oct 25: DUNEDIN, Platos with The Eastern and Barry Saunders

Sat Oct 26: CHRISTCHURCH: 241Chambers Gallery, 7pm, with Jed & Hera - Tickets at the door

Thurs Oct 31: AUCKLAND: Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum with Great North, 7pm
Tickets 09 373 0800

Fri Nov 8: WELLINGTON: Museum of Wellington City & Sea with Veronika Meduna, 7pm
Tickets 04 4728 904
Tickets 06 349 0506

Fri Nov 15: OAMARU: Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations at Oamaru Opera House Festival Explorers Club

Fri Nov 22: NAPIER: MTG Hawke's Bay, 7pm

Sat Nov 23: ROTORUA: The Rogue Stage

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