Monday, July 29, 2013

Great God! This Is An Awful Place EP and free download

It's been all hustle and bustle at Bond St HQ this year.  There's been touring and shows a-plenty, ice and aeroplanes and lashings of whisky, and a couple of months ago the band disappeared into The Lab, below the Crystal Palace on the slopes of Mt Eden, to get some songs recorded.

The old Crystal Palace Theatre - now infested with a serious case of musicians. 

It all happened pretty smoothly, as a result of having played these songs live as part of the Explorers Club show about fifty times since the middle of last year. We got the album made in three days, all live in the room without overdubs, and by God it sounds just how we'd hoped it would. It's coming out in October so watch out for that.

What the stairs look like when you are waiting on them for everyone else to get there and sort of 
wondering if you remembered to tell them what day the recording was but not texting anybody just yet.

In the meantime, we had a show down at the Queenstown Winter Festival last week, (pictures here, by the way, of the cold but sold-out house) and we've got a few other things coming up like that, and people always seem to want to get a wee souvenir at these things, which is as it should be in my opinion.  So we took a couple of songs from the album sessions, and a song we recorded later that week at the Lab for the good people over at Kiwi FM, and some live recordings from the Fringe Festival shows we did in Auckland earlier this year, and what do you know, we've got a little EP!

Artwork, like all of our artwork, by Emily Cater

It's called 'Great God! This Is An Awful Place!,' and it's the story of Captain Scott arriving at the South Pole in 1912 and realising that Amundsen had already got there. As you know, he did his best to get home with his men, but all five of them died trying to return to Hut Point.  The EP tells that story, too, so overall it's pretty grim.  The live recordings from the Fringe Festival are of me telling the stories, because some people said that they'd like to hear that recorded as well.

So you can listen to it online of course, or you can download it - in fact you can have the title track for free, if that's what you fancy - or you can get a physical copy at any of these gigs we have coming up, of which there are a few over the next little while.  Here it is, look:

And here's where we're playing in the next few weeks:

Saturday 13th July - Auckland, Lucha Lounge with Great North and The Bads
Friday 9th August - Savage Club, Whanganui
Thursday 29th August - Mayfair Festival Club, Taranaki International Arts Festival

Bond Street Bridge at Queenstown Winter Festival. It was, predictably, cold.

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