Thursday, October 16, 2014

Down at the old Mussel Inn

Just when I was getting used to sleeping at home again, it's time to leave town for a few days... About this time last year we played The Explorers Club: Antarctica show at the Mussel Inn for the Nelson Festival, and we liked playing there so much we said hey let's come back next time you guys have a free date, and they said yeah sure because I guess they liked having us there too and we didn't break anything.  But the Mussel Inn is such a key part of everybody's circuit that they book bands about a year in advance, so the soonest we could go back there was this Saturday.

So that's what we're doing - I'm going to do some new Bond St songs all by my ownsome lonesome, and the the fun will start when me and Millicent Crow do our Mermaid and Mariner thing with rock'n'roll sea shanties, field holler lullabies, old-time fight songs and a new song about and actual mermaid and an actual mariner.

On the way south we're going to play at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea as part of this thing, a bunch of songwriters sharing new songs in a beautiful environment, which should be a hoot and a holler - we played there this time last year as well, come to think of it, and they are lovely people at that museum.  Time to go to the airport again....

I know that's not how you spell muscle.

Museum of Wellington City & Sea Songwriter Circle - 7pm 16/10/2014 at the Museum, Jervois Quay, Wellington
Mussel Inn: 8pm 18/10/14 at the Mussel Inn, you know where it is.

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