Friday, April 13, 2012

Some normal Auckland shows in bars.

It's time for some normal shows in Auckland bars. Bond Street Bridge have spent the Summer out in the cold sunlight, playing shows from the dust of the Lyttelton Petenque Club to the very backyards of the horrifying zombie mansions that line Luckens Reserve in Auckland's West Harbour. From the shores of Lake Okarito where the white herons nest to the flaming braziers of the Sawmill at Leigh, from the stalactite-hung weirdness of the Playhouse in Nelson to the ancient beer-sticky boards of the Napier's Cabana, from the haunted halls of Chick's Hotel to the Blue Ice Cafe where the wind blows straight in from the Fox Glacier and back to the baroque bizarrity of the mask-hung walls of the Grainstore Gallery in Oamaru's white stone port district, we have slung guitars, beaten drums, tapped laptops and whispered tales of glory.

Now we are ready for the Golden Dawn.

DJ House and Garden is a Golden Dawn veteran. His caped silhouette looming powerfully behind the wheels of steel is a welcome sight to those liquor-swilling denizens of the Inner-Auckland evening who haunt his dancefloor - but everything must pass, ladies and gentlemen. After one last ever final An Emerald City show (28th of April, St Kevin's Arcade on the dot of 8pm), Reuben P. 'House and Garden' Bonner will return to Berlin to fight the forces of badness and keep the northern hemisphere safe for rock and roll. This last Golden Dawn set for quite some time will be an excellent oppourtunity to witness DJ H&G dropping 'Ramble On' on an unsuspecting Ponsonby Road the way only he knows how, so let us hope to god he does that.

The whole turkey-shoot costs only five bucks as well, so you would be beserk to miss this. It's next thursday  (19th of April) at Golden Dawn Tavern of Power, tucked away on Ponsonby Road there. To answer your next question: yes, it does feel weird to be playing somewhere in central Auckland that is not the Wine Cellar.  We're just mixing things up a little here.

And, by dint of either planetary alignment or great judgement, we're also playing a show in Auckland the following night. This one's at the Wine Cellar of course, with a bunch of other  sweet bands. They'll have wine cellar and whammy bar opened up and it will all get quite fun. The bands are us, Mulholland (in their only NZ show for some time), Coach (with a bunch of new stuff I believe), Nikita the Spooky and the Circus of Men, (who sound pretty awesome), Brendan Turner and Callum Stembridge, and Brendan has as usual put together a pretty alarming poster. 

So, details:  

Bond Street Bridge and DJ Reuben P. 'House and Garden' Bonner: 19th April, Golden Dawn, 9ish
Mulholland, Bond Street Bridge, Coach, Nikita the Spooky and Circus of Men, Brendan Turner, Callum Stembridge: 20th April, Wine Cellar and Whammy, 8:30 start.